View from the Top - Stanford GSB

Problem statement: We need to differentiate VFTT as a premiere speaker series to attract, engage and inspire the Stanford GSB student community. We worked with the View from the Top student leadership group to come up with concepts, ideas and visuals for the project. I facilitated a brainstorm in which the students came up with the frame work and possibilities for visual metaphors for me to work with. There were a large part of the brainstorm boards containing images and keywords such as network, connections, teamwork, journey, complexity and maze. In this intricate pattern representing connections and networks, I coupled the theme of birds as a representation of teamwork but also a hierarchy of a definite leader with followers that aspire to follow. The sky is not clear with the same representation as concept 1 in that it refers to the difficulty navigating your way to the top. The view from the top is bold and center calling out the subject and the VFTT brand with all the other elements supporting it.

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