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I led a design thinking workshop with the entire Seed team to help bring their powerful mission statement to life. We leveraged key words and themes from the design thinking session giving us the tools to craft a content map that guided art direction for our hand-picked photographer and videographer and to inspire our writing agency to craft new, clear, and compelling copy. We faced multiple challenges along the way, including failed visa applications for our videographer and writer to Nigeria, travel restrictions, lack of accessibility of busy Seed Transformation Program participants (busy CEOs) in Africa, overworked Seed staff reluctant to take on another heavily logistical project - and we worked through this process remotely. Because of our thoughtful process, we created not only amazing photographs that are unique to Seed and its mission, showing its rugged optimism, but we also crafted moving stories of the participants, all of which greatly humanize Seed’s efforts and impact in elevating poverty in developing economies.

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